Notes for Teachers


The aim of this education resource is twofold:

To provide teachers and students with information about the West Coast and its forestry industry.
To provide teachers with a framework to link this material into the New Zealand Curriculum documents and provide ideas as to how it could be used to facilitate authentic issue based learning.
The material is designed for use at senior primary school and beyond.

Specific teaching activities have been purposely omitted – e.g. “make a poster, board game etc.” References to any specific skills teaching have also been omitted – e.g. particular research, organising, planning, analysing, interpreting, recording or reporting skills. This has been left for teachers to decide based on what is most suitable for the needs of their students and their desired learning outcomes. Obviously students will need to be exposed to, and master many skills to successfully complete their inquiry. If, for instance, it is decided that a fax would be the most appropriate method of communicating, then criteria would need to be established and skills taught to send a high quality fax.

What is envisaged is that students will take their inquiry well beyond the basic knowledge recall stage and on to higher levels of learning where they can apply in a meaningful way what they have learnt – to judge, predict, speculate and generate new ideas around the issues involved.

Teachers can approach this unit from a subject specific or integrated learning approach. Whichever approach is used, English will be naturally integrated as students research, discuss, debate, view and write about their findings.

A short video is available on request from Timberlands for use in schools as a complement to the material contained in this resource.

We hope you will enjoy using the resource and would be pleased to arrange a forest visit (the very best immersion experience possible) should you be able to visit the West Coast.